Through chance, play, a sense of mystery and even a puzzle, I am fascinated by how games hold the power to innocently yet deeply grip people, calm them, excite them, and possibly heal. By delineating a sacred, poetic space for a ritual participation in art, THE SUMMER: A READING FOR LOS ANGELES is a sculpture of healing for the entire City of Los Angeles through the mysteriously ordered, ludic structure of a tarot card game.

THE SUMMER first exhibited in 2010 at the Morono Kiang Gallery in Los Angeles as part of Grow, a group exhibition themed around social change and "creatively solving what ails our contemporary existence, starting with our own backyards."

THE SUMMER consisted of silk-screened three-dimensional tarot cards on blocks of wood displayed on a customized table. Inspired by personal and psychic experiences in homes and their surrounding geographies, each tarot image corresponds to a real, physical address in Los Angeles.

Click below to see still documentation of THE SUMMER.

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