OUR COSMOS, OUR CHAOS is a 20-minute stop-motion animation that has exhibited as a single channel piece and as part of a five-channel video installation entitled Ghost War (Slanguage Studio, 2004) and Would-be Ghost War (Cal Poly Pomona University Gallery, 2005). The piece explores the connection between mystical practice and social resistance, telling the story of IN, a young girl mired in Korea's turbulent history and animistic traditions. In a dream state, IN has left her home in present-day Koreatown, L.A. for a secret world filled with ancestral ghosts and references, both fantastic and real. Repressed crimes committed during the Korean War return in the wake of historical amnesia as IN struggles to understand her place in unrecorded history.

Supported by grants from Creative Capital and the California Community Foundation, this animation has toured North America and South Korea between 2004 and the present as part of Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and The Forgotten War, a multi-media exhibit of installation and performance art, documentary film and archival photographs, and oral histories that explores memories and legacies of the Korean War.


Watch an 11-minute version of OUR COSMOS, OUR CHAOS:

Project site for Creative Capital
Project site for California Community Foundation
Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and The Forgotten War

Japanese American Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
Bishop Museum (Honolulu, Hawaii)
The Wing Luke Museum (Seattle)
Total Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
Kookmin University Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
Jewett Arts Center (Wellesley College)
Queens Museum of Art (Queens, NY)
National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.)
Intersection for the Arts. (San Francisco, CA)
Women of Color Film Festival. Berkeley, CA)
Women in the Director’s Chair Film and Video Festival (Chicago, IL)
Cal Poly Pomona University Gallery (Pomona, CA)
Lanterna Magica. Provincetown Art Association (Provincetown, MA)
2004 Dreamscapes. University Art Gallery (Irvine, CA)
Fine Arts Work Center Fellows. Hudson D. Walker Gallery (Provincetown, MA)
Contemporaries. Redcat Gallery, Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, CA)
Group Exhibition. Shreve, Crump and Lowe Gallery (Boston, MA)
Lanterna Magica. Provincetown Art Association (Provincetown, MA)
Cambridge Multicultural Center. (Cambridge, MA)
Eulim Art Museum of Goyang (Seoul, KOREA)
Intermedia Arts. (Minneapolis, MN)
LA Artcore. (Los Angeles, CA)
Slanguage (Wilmington, CA)
New York University
Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland, CA)
Jewett Art Center, Wellesley College
Doctors for Global Health, Columbia University


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