Erica Cho Projects - Image of GOLDEN GOLDEN STILL - Isley


Pickpocket (pre-production, narrative short)

Golden Golden (2016)

Monster (2009, video installation)

Are You Me? Lucile (2009, experimental video)

Are You Me? Mrs. Lee (2008, experimental video)

Are You Me? In Space (2008, experimental video)

Are You Me? Hangul (2008, experimental video)

Are You Me? Pebbles (2008, experimental video)

Mechanical Gadgets (2006, music video)

Our Cosmos, Our Chaos (2004, stop-motion animation)

School Boy Art (2004, narrative short)

We Got Moves You Ain't Even Heard Of (1999, experimental video)

Kimberly Bahp Makes Sushi For Two (1998, animated short)


Love Bubble Tarot Deck (in progress, in collaboration with musician Mista Cookie Jar)

The Summer: A Reading For Los Angeles (2010, sculpture)

Where We Exit (2005, silkscreen comic)

Street Seance (2002, performance)

UVW (2002, artist book & sculpture)

I Love You Queerly, Not Dearly (1997-98, zine)

Dear Sister George (1997, comic)

My Love Affair With a Film Girl (1997, comic)

Confesssions of a Failed Korean American (1996-97, series of paintings and relief prints)

Astro Delight (1994-95, zine)

Mickey Schneider (1994, sculptural artist book)


Lezbrarian! (2011 / a video in support of The Miracle Bookmobile)

Cho Collider (2010 / a video in support of Tuesday Night Project)

Hungry Girl Dinner (2009 / a video in support of Good Girl Dinette)

Virtual Commune (2008-ongoing / 1-minute video portraits of queer & tranz friends in their homes)

Do Da Scene (2003 / a performance in support of Visual Communications)

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